Tungsten Filament Scrap

Tungsten Filaments are used in a variety of applications. Globe Metal, Inc. specializes in recycling tungsten filaments. The two main industries that we recycle them for is the light bulb industry, and the vacuum metallizing industry.

Stainless Steel Powder Recycling

Globe Metal Inc, recycles and processes stainless steel fines, residue, slag, grit, powder, dust, sludge, chips, swarf, scale, and stainless steel in any other form. Anything that is not solid not able to be remelted in an arc furnace, we first need to sinter it to turn it into a solid.

(TI) Titanium Sludge and Titanium Powder Recycling

Globe Metal Inc, specializes in metal extractions from industrial generated wastes. Titanium Sludge, Titanium Powder, and Titanium fines are a problem for many industrial generators of the material. Globe Metal works with cutting edge technology to recover the valuable titanium that is in the mix.

Tungsten Carbide (WC) Solid and Grinding Sludge Recycling

Globe Metal Inc, is a World Wide Leader in tungsten carbide recycling. We process scrap material in our beautiful 88,000 sq ft. North American Facility in Montreal, Canada. We pride ourselves in offering the very strongest pricing in our industry. We are transparent in our testing and always give full lab results for every load.

Babbitt Recycling

Globe Metal Recycling Inc, has launched a new Babbitt Recycling Program. Many people who are doing repair to bearings, or other work spraying Babbitt generate a waste stream. We recycle dust collecter babbitt powder, babbitt overspray, babbitt chips, babbitt sludge, and babbitt spray.




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